Red Hot Farmhouse Style Kitchen Concepts

Farmhouse style kitchen concepts are in high-demand. The kitchen designs include cottage, vintage, rustic, and traditional. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and want something different, consider a farmhouse layout.

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The kitchen is the center of your home. According to a 2016 report from the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service,

“it takes time to shop for groceries, cook meals, eat and drink, and then clean up. On average, Americans 18 and older spent just over two hours per day on these major food-related activities in 2016.”

With this in mind, you’ll want to choose a farmhouse kitchen renovation project that’s right for your home.

If you’re new to farmhouse concepts, you’ll like the examples offered here. And if you already know about kitchen farmhouse design, you’ll find this list to be a fresh source of inspiration. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Designs For 2022

The following farmhouse kitchen designs were handpicked by our team of home experts. Each one showcases the latest advances in farmhouse kitchen design and decor.

Seasonal Flower Arrangements

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Seasonal floral arrangements complement any farmhouse kitchen renovation project. With a large copper pot as a vase, a rustic look is achieved. 

Open Shelving

Farmhouse kitchen style with open shelvesView in gallery

Open shelving is a common feature among farmhouse kitchen designs. The shelves offer easy access to the items you often use. You can also use the shelves to display unique decor items or old photos. 

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor kitchen styleView in gallery

Hardwood floors are synonymous with farmhouse kitchens. It’s as if there’s an unwritten design rule that mandates if you want a farmhouse kitchen, you must have wood flooring. Hardwood floors help capture a farmhouse and country vibe.

Exposed Beams

Beautiful Kitchen with Exposed Roof BeamsView in gallery

In farmhouse kitchens, ceiling beams should be exposed, not hidden. don’t hide any ceiling beams you may have in your house. 

Antique Clock

Vintage kitchen clock on shelvesView in gallery

Antique decor is necessary for a farmhouse kitchen design. You can find vintage clocks at flea markets and garage sales for reasonable prices.

Whether on the wall or hanging out on the hutch or open shelves, clocks in the kitchen are a common-sense necessity, but in a farmhouse-inspired space go with one that has a vintage or antique spirit.  (thewoodgraincottage).

Large Table

Large Kitchen island for farmhouse styleView in gallery

To go along with your farmhouse kitchen you’ll need a farmhouse-styled dining table. Pack the family in, and made of wood, you can easily personalize it with a beautiful scape atop. {kitchenlabdesign}.

Stove Range

Old fashion range for kitchenView in gallery

An old-fashioned range will help transform your kitchen into a specialized version of a farmhouse escape. It adds the illusion of an old-age room without its modern looks and contemporary tradition.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink StyleView in gallery

Here is an example of a single bowl sink. One rule to follow with these sinks is how they need to be large enough for your dishpans and cooking ware.

You’ll also need room on the side to dry the dishes. The sink design is also known as an apron-front sink and fits well with a kitchen farmhouse vibe.

Cream Cabinets

Cream cabinets paintView in gallery

Cream or white cabinets are preferred for farmhouse kitchen designs. This will contrast well with the wood you’ll have around the room and open up the space with ease. You’ll need to balance the dark, natural materials throughout.

Butcher Blocks

Kitchen ButcherblockView in gallery

When choosing countertops, try butcher blocks. The style adds to the natural feeling you’ll be creating but they’re also super functional and great for those that spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Mason Jars

Mason jars add a farmhouse touch to the kitchenView in gallery

These are a bit obvious but you’ll be surprised how much you can truly utilize these bits once you start decorating and organizing. Because you can both decorate and organize them – from centerpieces to sugar separating.

Kitchen Island Stools

Wood modern stools for kitchenView in gallery

Wooden stools for your family and guest will turn your farmhouse kitchen into a vibrant space. They’ll come in handy at the breakfast bar or a large island you may have as well. (devolkitchens).

Apron Rack

Apron RackView in gallery

Another way to add some vintage, farmhouse flair to the room is to add an apron rack. Then, of course, you’ll have to add some adorable and charming aprons to the piece, creating a stylish and fully evolved design.{found on stonegableblog}.

Wood Walls

Wood Walls in the kitchenView in gallery

If you have the space, create an accent wall with wood. Or, if the walls are already wooden, think about painting them cream to utilize the texture but open up the kitchen even more.

Pot Racks

Pot RacksView in gallery

Another way to create that raw edge that we’re use to seeing with farmhouse style is to hang up the pots and pans for all to see. Just add a hanging rack above the kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Jade Greens

Jade GreensView in gallery

If you’re looking to add a bit of color, go with natural tones. Jade green will create a fresh, lively feeling while not becoming too overwhelming or breaking from the vision in mind.

Free-Standing Buffet

Free standing buffetView in gallery

Feed furniture will give your farmhouse kitchen added texture and depth. From free-standing buffets to hutches, this is a great way to personalize and look as if you’ve taken from the past.

Wooden Utensils

Wooden dipped spoonsView in gallery

Mix up your color palette with accent decor items. They’ll help transform the style while they’re sitting on the countertops. Just make sure you learn how to clean them correctly.

White Dishes

White dishes are a must have for kitchenView in gallery

You don’t need colorful dishes as they won’t blend in with your farmhouse kitchen decor. Instead go with simple creams and whites – the upside to this is how much more beautiful your food will look when served.

Hutch Storage

A hutchView in gallery

An old-fashioned hutch in the corner would become a focal point of your farmhouse kitchen. Use it as cabinet space or stack your white dishes inside for easy access during family dinners.


Beadboard in kitchenView in gallery

Beadboards add style to a farmhouse foundation. They’re in the same family as backsplash and shoots for the same goal in terms of adding texture – but in this instance adding that cozy, throwback fashion.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Islands are practically essential for every kitchenView in gallery

Farmhouse kitchen design was made for kitchen islands. If you have the space, take advantage of it and install an island. The key is to avoid a sleek and modern look and try a shabby vibe with wooden accents.

White Cabinetry

Natural light for kitchenView in gallery

The white cabinetry and cream color drawers make the farmhouse kitchen appear bigger than it is. Take advantage of natural light sources or a white backsplash to achieve a contemporary feel. 

Antique Pyrex

Antique PyrexView in gallery

If can find antique pyrex, then get it. From decorating the open shelves to using your favorite bowl as a mixing dish, these add to the ethos.

Brick Accents

Brick accents for kitchenView in gallery

Brick is common in farmhouse kitchens. Natural elements like wooden accents will help create a farmhouse style kitchen. Accent walls, trim and more; depending on your preference this works too.

Wire Baskets

Wire basketsView in gallery

Wire baskets reduce clutter. They’re great for holding items you need quick access to or use often. Small baskets on countertops, big ones on the floor; this is an ideal way to personalize your farmhouse kitchen.

Pallet Art

Pallet art backsplashView in gallery

Create DIY art and hang it above your cabinets or on the walls. There are  many ways you can enhance your farmhouse kitchen. The key here is to again, utilize the natural textures and personality of the wood. {thecountrychiccottage}.

Lace Additions

Lace additionView in gallery

Curtains and tablecloths add rustic charm to your kitchen linens. Lace is known for having a bit of a vintage vibe and it’s just another minor detail that helps in the fun and transformation of it all.

Wispy Windows

Farmhouse kitchen window treatmentsView in gallery

Make sure you don’t use colors or fabrics that are too heavy or dark. Remember, you want as much much natural light as possible. {talkofthehouse}.

Chatty Signs

Farmhouse kitchen wall artView in gallery

Create signs with inspirational message on them. The signs will enhance the theme you’re envisioning and add accents in more bare places. {knickoftime}.

Water Pitchers

Farmhouse PitchersView in gallery

Pitchers are another accent that can be used for style and functionality. Have your favorites inside the hutch or ready-to-use on the island. Here is a spot that you can add a dash of color.  (stonegableblog).

Farmhouse Flair

Food ScaleView in gallery

An antique food scale is a farmhouse kitchen decor item or a necessary tool. The vintage looks add flavor to your design, and you can also use it.

White Ironstone

White ironstoneView in gallery

White ironstone pieces add rustic charm. The open shelving in this example provides a platform for you to display personal decor or give yourself easy access to the things you use daily. 

Rustic Style

Stoneware crocksView in gallery

Wood cooking utensils and cream color stoneware crocks will complement your modern farmhouse design. Even better, mix and match the bunch inside your hutch for a delightful celebration of this entire style.

Powder Blue

Powder blueView in gallery

Powder blue offers rustic country charm. It’s an earthy and natural shade that won’t attract too much attention. The hue works well with farmhouse textures and organic decor.

Pendant Lights

Clear glass pendant lightsView in gallery

Pendant lights above an island or breakfast bar offer a classic touch. A country kitchen looks complete with copper pendant lighting. You could also try a French country chandelier for a softer look.

Plate Racks

Plate racksView in gallery

Display your favorite plates by adding a plate rack. You can add it to the kitchen island in the middle or right onto the wall. Again, this is very vintage in style and adds to the simple, farmhouse feel but with a girlish infusion. (roomsforrentblog).

Glass Canisters

Glass Jars StorageView in gallery

Mason jars will help declutter your farmhouse kitchen. Glass containers provide vintage antiquity, but are also good for displaying rustic decor and storage. (roomsforrentblog).

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone countertopView in gallery

If you don’t want to cover your entire kitchen in butcher block or wooden counters, then soapstone is a great alternative. There are many benefits and even more so, it blends in with the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Kitchen Fireplace

Farmhouse kitchen fireplaceView in gallery

Not everyone is or can be lucky enough to enjoy a fireplace in their kitchen space, but if you’ve got it, then utilize it! Add texture – like brick – to its frame and blend it into the style of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of A Continuous Counter?

Counters without level breaks reduce workload responsibilities. Leveled counters allow you to slide dishes from one area to the next instead of lifting them. Plus, the kitchen counter style is easier to clean.

What Is A Back Stick?

A large log placed at the back of a fire inside a chimney is how this was used in the early 20th century. When farmhouse kitchens relied on fireplaces to cook food, a back stack was used to make sure the fire would remain lit.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Cabinet?

First, there’s the basic box, known as the case. Cases are face frame or frameless cabinets. Next, horizontal rails and vertical styles will cover the exposed case edges, adding to the cabinet’s strength. And finally, cabinet doors are either set into the frame or overlaid. Today, frameless cabinets can look like traditional farmhouse designs featuring rustic panels and special molding.

What Are Shop Built Cabinets?

Shop built cabinets are for larger kitchens and can fit specific designs. The cabinets take longer to build than manufactured cabinets, sometimes five months, and the cabinet maker will install them. Don’t forget to check a cabinetmaker’s references before making your order.

What Is An Octagonal In Farmhouse Kitchen Design?

A four-sided dining area with four windows. The space is named after the word “octagon,” an eight-sided shape, but in farmhouse kitchens, it refers to a four-sided area. The space has a coved ceiling. Natural perimeter lighting is provided by four windows. 

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Conclusion

Your farmhouse kitchen design will set the tone for your home. If you want your kitchen to be a quiet room for cooking or reading, then make the necessary adjustments. Designate your living as a space for conversation and entertainment.

A farmhouse kitchen remodel will require you follow three principles. First, decide on the activities that will happen in the space.

Determine if your kitchen space will include a dining area. Next, eliminate unnecessary work connected to those activities.

Do not create a space that isn’t conducive to your planned environment. And last, create the best conditions for the work you want to perform.

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